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Just about everyone has times when they have fallen short but it’s still a week before the next pay day. Instant cash loans in Australia help when times are tough and a bill needs to be paid or there’s not enough food in the house. Of course, there are many other times when people need money fast, and that’s when it pays to get in touch with Instant Cash Loans.

What Can Borrowers Use Instant Loans For?
The short answer is just about anything. Personal loans from Instant Cash Loans are often used to pay for car repairs, catch up on the electric bill, or even replace a damaged phone. If you’ve got a need for a short-term loan, no one is going to ask questions about your plans. In some cases, we understand there are privacy issues involved, and we respect your personal needs. We also know our customers may just need a break from a tough job or family situations. An Instant loan may be the ideal way to get away for the weekend and simply relax while away from daily pressures.
An Instant Loan may be the ideal way to get away for the weekend and simply relax while away from daily pressures. If you’re in need of a break, check into a short-term cash loan and get the rest you need.
Applying for an Instant Loan is Easy
With our online application form, clients can submit an application when it’s convenient for them. The process is simple and doesn’t require all the information normally associated with borrowing money from banks.
Because our clients frequently need a loan fast, we work with lenders and service providers who can get you approved funds fast. That means you’ll have the money to take care of your needs fast and without unnecessary problems.
Typically, when an instant loan is approved early in the day, the money will generally be transferred to your account within two hours. Loans that are approved late in the day typically will be available the following day.
Make sure you speak with the service provider or lender that we refer you to so that you can find out when you can expect the funds to hit your account.
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Easy, right? Here’s some of the fine print!

Quickle was founded in 2015 on the values of honesty and integrity.  We have never had secrets and we only work with lenders and financial service providers who are upfront with their associated fees and repayments.

Instant Cash Loans

If the principal amount you borrow is between $300 and $2,000, you’ll pay:
Establishment fee: 20% of the principal amount
Monthly loan fee: 4% of the principal a month

When Should People Avoid Borrowing Money?

It is important that you always consider your circumstances and to borrow responsibly. While there are certainly times when it’s appropriate to take advantage of fast cash loans, there are other circumstances where it’s not a good idea.

  • Never borrow money if the payment can wait a few days and a pay day is approaching. Since the costs involved with instant cash loans, it’s best to avoid borrowing unless it’s actually necessary.
  • Don’t take out a loan if you think it can’t be repaid on schedule. Missing a loan payment adds more costs to a loan and makes it more difficult to keep a borrower’s finances in order.
  • Avoid borrowing money for frivolous uses. While one person must have a new cell phone right away to avoid losing a job, it’s not that essential for a person only needing the phone for personal reasons to have a new phone today.

It is important that you only take out loans that help you deal with your individual situation. If you’re facing serious financial issues, borrowing more money will not necessarily resolve the problem. It is important you consider your options before you borrow, consider arranging an appointment with a financial counselor or other financial assistance to determine when and if a loan is the best option for you.


Is the Interest Rate High?

Most Instant Cash Loans do not have Interest rates and the cost of borrowing is in the form of fees such as account keeping fees and establishment fees.

The cost of an Instant Cash Loan varies depending on the lender, Quickle works with lenders and service providers who offer a range of Instant Cash Loans at various different prices.

It’s also important to understand the costs associated with any short-term instant cash loans that you are considering taking out. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions associated with the instant cash loan before you enter into any contract with a lender or service provider.

Is Applying for a Cash Loan Online Safe?

At Quickle, we’re dedicated to safeguarding your information and privacy.

Yes, it’s true that there is a risk involved when using any online financial service, we’ve taken the appropriate steps to protect your information.

Any time there a security-related question arises, feel free to contact us so we can address your concerns immediately.

We’re here to help and always want our clients to have a positive experience.

What Happens if a Payment is Missed?

With instant cash loans, it is vitally important that all scheduled payments be made on time to avoid additional costs. Most instant cash loans have significant dishonour fees associated with them.

If there is no alternative it is better you get in contact with the lender or service provider and discuss a change to your payment schedule, typically this will save you on fees.

If your payment fails, it’s very important to get in contact with the lender or service provider that we refer you to. This will help to prevent or minimise dishonour fees and will also minimise any damage to your credit history.

Getting Started

If you need an instant cash loan to take care of an immediate need, Quickle can help. The first step is to complete our online form. We’ll refer you to a lender or a Service Provider who offers products that suit your needs.


Typically, the lenders and service providers that we work with, once you are approved, can disburse the funds within a few hours.