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Picking the best lender for your personal loan online is often encountered with challenging situations – which lender to choose? Why is it advantageous to assess between the options? What are the different options and rates available? Are lenders offering the best rates in the market, as they claim?
It’s common to get locked in a maze of enquiries. These are queries every borrower will definitely have.
The suitable lender
With a host of personal loan lenders in Australia, each would have claimed to have the best personal loan products.
Traditional and non-traditional — these are the classification of lenders around. Top private banks and financial institutions are under the “traditional” category. These provider of funds offer various forms of secured and unsecured loans. In the “non-traditional” category (which is more popular now) are lenders that gives more advantageous features (loan amount, loan terms, flexibility, etc.).
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Affordability of interest rates
As we know, different rates depend on the lender of choice. The ideal setup is to go with a lender offering you the best rate in the market. In reality, you would realise a very interesting factor.
The interest rate on your personal loan application will depend on your credit score and credit file. Even if you choose a lender that claims to offer the best personal loan interest rates in the market, the rate offered by the lender will depend on your credit score. This again raises the issue of how to pick the right lender and the most affordable personal loan for your requirements.
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Easy, right? Here’s some of the fine print!

Quickle was founded in 2015 on the values of honesty and integrity.  We have never had secrets and we only work with lenders and financial service providers who are upfront with their associated fees and repayments.

Personal Loans

If the principal amount you borrow is between $300 and $2,000, you’ll pay:
Establishment fee: 20% of the principal amount
Monthly loan fee: 4% of the principal a month