Responsible Lending

Quickle is committed to you and takes all responsibilities very seriously. In order for us to offer a complete customer experience, we only work with service providers and lenders who endeavour to assist all clients and their personal circumstances by responsibly considering all loan applications. These lenders and service providers have no interest in approving loan amounts that can’t be repaid. They will conduct a full review of every application will determine affordability and will only be approved for an amount that is repayable based on personal expenditure and income.

Knowing Your Loan

It is important that you are always in a position to be as informed as possible, allowing you to remain in complete control. Quickle only works with lenders and service providers who allow you to check upcoming payment amounts, postpone payments if things are becoming a little too stressful.
If you have any questions or queries about your loan make sure you get in contact with the lender or service provider who we refer you to.

Sending Your Bank Statement

In order for us to give the best possible referral to the lenders and service providers we work with, we will need your bank statement. This will allow the lenders and service providers to efficiently and accurately review your affordability for a set loan amount and then responsibly provide you with a loan.

Borrowing What You Need

Although ever lender and service provider that we work with maintains a responsible lending policy and will always strive to give you the most suitable loan for your circumstances, it is important that you are responsible for your own economic well being. Only ever borrow what you need and make sure you pay it back as quickly as possible. This helps to avoid any ongoing debt cycle.

No Catches, No Hidden Fees, No Worries

The lenders and service providers that Quickle works with will always be upfront with you regarding their fees and charges. It is very important you understand the every cost applicable to your agreement before you enter into it. If you have any questions or concerns please make sure you get in contact with the lender or service provider assisting you.

Financial Risk Disclaimer

Please consider your own financial circumstances before you apply through Quickle.
Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before you make a decision regarding any of the products offered by the lenders and service providers we work with.
Quickle has developed its Risk Management Program based on the new Australian and international standard for risk management, AS/ISO 31000.