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Facing Financial Stress: How to Deal with Financial Stress

Unsurprisingly, most Australians are experiencing unprecedented levels of financial stress. Australia has ended an almost 30-year streak of economic growth due to coronavirus. The pandemic has resulted in an estimated

Knowing what affects your credit score is very important because lenders check your credit rating when you need money for a personal loan, a car loan or a mortgage.  Understanding

Smart people use debt to their advantage and personal loans are one of the best credit options available. Instead of maxing your cards on a sudden large expense or risking

Jobseeker or Jobkeeper? Which one can I apply for?

The Australian government has released various stimulus payments, two of which are JobSeeker’s $550 coronavirus supplement and JobKeeper’s $1,500 wage subsidy. A person receiving the JobKeeper payment cannot receive the

Working from home during COVID-19? Now you can get further tax deductions

Working from home during COVID-19 may incur expenses, which you can claim at tax time. You can claim a deduction provided that the expense is related to your income, and

Rent relief during the Coronavirus

The Australian government has implemented an evictions moratorium for tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means your landlord cannot evict you if you’re unable to pay rent due to coronavirus-related

Hidden Credit Card Fees To Look Out For

What comes with credit cards’ wide range of features and benefits are many different fees and charges. These can lead to serious debt when they add up quickly and leave

5 Cheap Date Ideas to Impress Your Girlfriend

You and your partner deserve a night out to celebrate your relationship. But what if your funds fall well short of your love and regard for each other? No worries.

Your Must-Have Guide to Bank Fees and Charges

Over the years, banks keep finding ways to raise their fee-based revenues. As they add technology and other services offering “must-have” conveniences, such as ATMs and transfers, you will likely

Lost Super: What Is It & Where To Find It

Lost super is a national problem, whether you’re in NSW, WA, or anywhere in between. Billions of dollars in lost and unclaimed super are being held by super funds and

Will Getting A Loan Improve My Credit Score?

Is your credit score not so stellar? There are best practices to improve your credit score like paying your bills on time, regularly reviewing your credit report, and getting a

How To Pay Your Credit Cards Off Sooner

Credit card debt and clearing your balance can be bothersome for most people. Having a plan or method to repay your debt, and reduce interest charges will allow you to

Ways To Save On Your Renovation

Many people decide to delay from selling their properties and opt to renovate instead, in the midst of the recent falls in house prices in the country. Consider this as

Are Mother’s Day Sales The Best Time To Buy Jewellery?

Mother’s Day is upon us! Have you taken advantage of the sales to surprise Mum? Aside from the common gifts like beauty products and apparel, it’s the best time to

Prenup Agreements: Are Your Assets Really Secure?

The much-publicised and high profile divorces put the topic of prenuptial agreement all over the news. While most people couldn’t relate when the assets involved are in millions or billions,

Interest Only Or Principal & Interest? The Pros & Cons

When rates are low, paying Principal & Interest (P&I) makes sense as it allows for faster loan repayments. Although, there are instances when Interest Only (IO) can be the better