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Let’s play 21 (frequently asked) questions!


Who is Quickle?

We believe in a fair go. Everyone’s fallen on hard times before, and our passion is giving those who’re short on cash or those with unexpected bills, the same chance as everyone else. Quickle is here to help. We strive to accommodate every one of our clients by considering all applications. Quickle is the trusted name in short-term, small to medium cash advances.
Do you need a quick financial boost? Our clients rave about the simplicity of our application process. It’s quick. It’s non-invasive. It’s easy. Our goal is to continue to provide quality loan management and give everyone the same opportunity to find a suitable short-term financial solution. By the way… Quickle encourages sensible borrowing. When you need cash, and when you can afford to repay your loan, Quickle will be here to lend a hand.
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What is the cost of a Quickle small loan?

A Quickle loan will cost you 20% of the principal amount and 4% per month for an account keeping fee. You can see our complete fee table for more of a breakdown, or get in contact with us online to find out more information. Alternatively, you can apply online to receive an obligation-free quote to see what Quickle loan we can do for you.


What happens if I can’t make my loan repayments?

Sometimes, the unexpected happens and for whatever reason, you can’t make your loan repayment on time. Quickle understands. And that’s why we don’t negatively affect your credit rating. The most important thing to remember is that Quickle is on your side. We’re here to help. So if you need to postpone a payment or know that your payment will fail, get in contact with us. The Quickle team is always on hand.
We would prefer that you make contact with us prior to a missed payment. If we don’t hear from you or are unable to get in touch via our standard collection practices, you may be referred to an external debt collector. A fee will be charged, which is determined by a number of factors including the number of defaults associated with a particular loan and the required collection processes. Subsequent payment amounts may be attempted in lesser of greater values to ensure payment clears. Check out our fee table.
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What are Quickle’s opening hours?

Quickle runs a 24/7 online operations! Apply anytime, even on weekends and public holidays and get a response!


How can I contact Quickle?

There’s a bunch of ways you can get in touch with us. Please see the following numbers and addresses:
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What is the term of a Quickle loan?

First of all, Quickle recommends borrowing as little as you need, that you can pay back as quickly as possible. Our cash loan products are designed to be short-term solutions. The maximum term of our advances is 62 days, and the first repayment must be within 20 days of the advance arriving in your account.


How soon will I receive my funds after a loan is approved?

The funds could be in your account within hours! Once approved you will receive your cash on the same day. Please note that this is subject to your bank and applications assessed and then approved before 5pm AEST on business days. Otherwise you will receive the cash advance by 11:00am (AEST) the next day.
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How much money can I borrow?

Quickle offers cash advances up to $2000. We’ll use your bank statement to collect information needed in determining your loan amount. These include your income and ability to afford repayments.
But once you’re a part of the Quickle family, the whole process gets a lot easier, provided your circumstances don’t change. Quickle reviews and considers all applications and strives to provide a loan suited to your needs, regardless of your finance history or personal circumstances. Everyone needs a little help from time to time!


What is Credit Sense?

In order for us to assess your application, we use Credit Sense—a third party provider that supplies us with your bank statement through Internet banking. Credit Sense assists us in bank statement transaction analysis and decision support processes that can determine your eligibility for a Quickle loan.
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How do I know my Internet banking details will remain secure?

We do not keep your Internet banking credentials. Your credentials are encrypted when you enter them into our system, passed to your bank to gain access to your transaction history and then permanently deleted. If you need to resubmit your bank statement using Credit Sense, you will need to re-enter your Internet banking credentials.


How can I apply for a Quickle loan?

The best part about Quickle is that you can apply online, anytime. Maybe you’re at home on the computer? Maybe your car unexpectedly breaks down in the middle of nowhere? You can apply through our website, optimised for mobiles, or simply by sending us an SMS on 0428 594 936 or via email:
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How do I qualify for a Quickle loan?

Qualifying for a small to medium loan with Quickle is easy! Just fill out our quick, online application form. We need to know who you are and your preferred method of contact. We’ll also need a bank statement that proves your regular income and ability to afford the loan repayments and service fees.
To ensure that you qualify for a Quickle loan, we may also ask you for personal identification including a drivers licence, passport number, proof of age card or birth certificate. Note: Bank accounts must be in your name and cannot be online savings accounts or online only accounts.


How long does it take to get a loan?

At Quickle, we understand the stress involved in being strap for cash. That’s why we’ve streamlined our application process, so you can focus on the things that matter. Our online application only takes a couple minutes to complete! We’ll notify you within hours of receiving your application whether you’ve been approved. Then within a few more hours, you’ll have the money in your hands!
All applications received and approved before 2.40pm (AEST) can receive funds the same day, depending on the service you choose. Applications made over the phone may take a little bit longer but the ease of process remains the same!
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Need to apply for a loan in the future?

When you first apply for a Quickle loan, we’ll give you a username and password to use on our client portal. So the next time you head to our website, simply click Apply, select Existing Client, then login. The application process is even faster as we may have most of the details already. You can also use the portal to view and manage your loans.


Can I borrow money while I have an active loan?

All applications made by existing clients with an active loan are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Quickle endeavours to help our clients achieve their short-term financial outcomes but it’s best to get in contact with us if you’d like to apply for an additional loan.
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How can I change my contact information?

Contact information is required when being approved for a loan. Perhaps more important, is updating your contact information if it changes. The easiest way to ensure your details are up-to-date is by logging into our client portal at:


How long will it take for Quickle to receive my payment?

Direct debit payments generally take two working days to clear into our account.
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Will you remind me about upcoming payments?

A big pillar of the Quickle business is providing a customer service and experience like no other. We guarantee that every time you borrow from Quickle, you’ll be emailed your repayment dates, as well as receive an SMS reminder two days prior to due payment.
We take every measure possible to assist you with the repayment process, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to remember payment due dates as per your credit contract.


Can I change or postpone a payment?

Yes! And do you want to hear the best part? Changing or postponing your payment won’t affect your credit limit or the chances of it increasing. Like all of our services, the easiest way to request a payment postponement is through our client portal, or over the phone. Please be aware that changes can only be made with a day’s notice prior to payment being due. If you get in touch with Quickle and try to stop a payment the day it’s due, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do. On the morning of a payment being due, our third party provider will send all payments to the banks for processing. So make sure you update your payment information the day prior to payment.
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What do I do if my payment fails?

Finance is unpredictable. Stuff happens, and that’s why we’re here to help. But if your payment fails, or if you think it might, it’s very important to get in contact with us to prevent or minimise dishonour fees. The key thing to remember in this situation is that Quickle can only help you, if we hear from you.


What methods can I use to make payments?

Quickle’s preferred method of payment is via direct debit. This way, we’re able to eliminate the hassle of manual payments to spend more time on delivering excellent customer service. Direct debit also means we’re able to remind you when payment is due.
We can accept other forms of payment including electronic funds transfers (EFT), Money Orders or credit/debit cards (additional fees apply). If you have any questions regarding payment, or any of our services and products, please don’t hesitate to call us.
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