Bad Credit Loans

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Bad credit loans are loans that may be granted to borrowers regardless of their credit score, even if they do not yet have a history of credit. There are various types of loans for those with bad credit, but the most popular are personal loans for bad credit.
When considering bad credit loans, some of the important factors are; how much you can borrow, how soon you can get the fund, how much you will pay in interest, and how soon the loan must be repaid.

How do Bad Credit Scores Work?

A bad credit score will typically reflect your poor credit history. Lenders may consider your credit score in assessing an application for credit.

Lenders who offer bad credit loans do not generally consider your credit score as part of their assessment process.

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It’s quick. It’s simple. It’s Quickle.

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Can I Get a Bad Credit Loan on Centrelink?

As Centrelink payments are considered a form of income, it may be possible for a person who receives Centrelink to obtain a loan, even if they have bad credit.

How Quickly Will I Receive the Money?

Tight on time? That is no problem. Typically, through our network, we will be able to connect you to a suitable provider within 5 minutes from the time you complete our quick online form.

Many available providers offer same day disbursements subject to their terms and conditions.

What do I Need to Apply for a Bad Credit Loan?

To get started, you can fill out our quick online form. Through our network, we will endeavour to connect you with a provider who can help you with a bad credit loan.

Borrow Responsibly

Before you apply for a bad loan, you should always consider your circumstances and whether you can afford to make the repayments. It is always best to avoid borrowing unless it is necessary and for the right purposes.
Regardless of the type of loan you are looking for, you should view this as an opportunity to foster responsible borrowing habits and to properly manage your funds. Remember that you should only apply for a loan when you are 100% confident you can manage it responsibly. For more information, check out our commitment to you.

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