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Many experts believe that experience is the best teacher. However, until people have had the chance to earn and manage their own money, they’ll likely find it difficult to fully comprehend the consequences of not properly managing their finances.

What Is a Small Cash Loan?

Small cash loans are exactly as they sound – small, personal loans. Every lender will have different assessment criteria and terms and conditions associated with their small loans.

What Can a Small Cash Loan Be Used For?

At certain points, people may require small cash loans to provide a solution to temporary financial emergencies. Small cash loans should only be used as a last resort. Reasons that small cash loans may be used for include:


Unexpected Bills

Medical Emergencies

Rent/Bond Payments

Urgent Home Repairs

Car Repairs

Small Cash Loans: A Temporary Solution

Small cash loans should only be used as a last resort to cover an emergency cash shortfall. At certain points, people may require a small cash loan to provide a solution to temporary financial emergencies. They serve a useful purpose, essentially tiding people over until their next payday, or until an anticipated source of funding arrives. They can also serve a useful purpose as part of a properly diversified financial management strategy.

Borrow Responsibly

Beware the temptation to borrow a small loan for frivolous material purchases. Ignore the salesperson who tells you it’s a “good deal,” because by the time you add on the costs associated with the small loan, it is no longer a good deal. Be willing to save for purchases, and to occasionally scrutinize spending habits.
Regardless of the type of loan you are looking for, you should view this as an opportunity to foster responsible borrowing habits and to properly manage your funds.
Remember that you should only apply for a loan when you are 100% confident you can manage it responsibly. For more information, check our our commitment to you.

Fees, Requirements & Eligibility

Quickle will try to connect you with a provider through our network for no charge to you.

Quickle may receive a fee from the our intermediary partner(s) for assisting them in connecting you to our network.

The providers that you are connected to will have their own costs, eligibility requirements, and terms and conditions. Please make sure you fully understand the costs and other obligations associated with any product offered by a provider before entering into any agreement with that provider.

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Through Quickle’s network, you can access providers who offer loan amounts up to $10,000.00.

In general, every lender will have its own distinct costs of borrowing, whether it be fees, interest, or a combination of both. It is important that you fully understand the costs of borrowing before you enter into any loan agreement.

The biggest factor that will negatively impact your credit score is failing to make repayments on time. However, every lender has a different assessment criterion as some lenders will view the presence of a payday loan application on a credit file negatively and may decline an application as a result. On the other hand, repaying your payday loan promptly will generally be viewed by lenders positively.

This is possible with some lenders. However, it is best practice to pay off your existing debt before applying for a new loan to ensure you do not end up with a debt problem.

If you cannot make a payment on time, it is very important you get in contact with your lender to set up a payment schedule that you can afford. Defaulting on payments will generally incur additional costs which can get out of hand very quickly and could result in enforcement action and negative implications for your credit history.

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