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Credit card debt and clearing your balance can be bothersome for most people. Having a plan or method to repay your debt, and reduce interest charges will allow you to

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Many people decide to delay from selling their properties and opt to renovate instead, in the midst of the recent falls in house prices in the country. Consider this as

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Mother’s Day is upon us! Have you taken advantage of the sales to surprise Mum? Aside from the common gifts like beauty products and apparel, it’s the best time to

Prenup Agreements: Are Your Assets Really Secure?

The much-publicised and high profile divorces put the topic of prenuptial agreement all over the news. While most people couldn’t relate when the assets involved are in millions or billions,

Interest Only Or Principal & Interest? The Pros & Cons

When rates are low, paying Principal & Interest (P&I) makes sense as it allows for faster loan repayments. Although, there are instances when Interest Only (IO) can be the better

The Biggest Sales Of The Year To Watch Out For

Australia has a lot of sales upcoming this year — from Chinese New Year sales to Boxing Day, and everything in between. Here’s a sum-up of the biggest sales of

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Everyone wants to stay active and live a long and healthy life. As we’re always told, the secret to longevity is a combination of exercise and diet, with regular activity

How Much Does it Really Cost to Be a Pet Owner?

There’s no better feeling than coming home from work to see your beloved pet waiting for you by the door. Whether you’re a lover of dogs, cats, or something more

Is It Really Cheaper To Buy Online Rather Than In Store?

Many consumers think that online prices are different to those in physical stores. But is online shopping really cheaper than buying in store? Alberto Cavallo, an economist at the Massachusetts

Do New Years Resolutions Really Work?

According to statistics, most people don’t keep their New Year’s resolution — approximately 80% have dropped theirs by the 2nd week of February. Hence, the first thing to do is

How To Afford Your Dream Holiday

If you love traveling and going on adventures, you probably have a holiday wish list. However, a dream holiday can be expensive. Thus, here are some suggestions to make that

What You Need to Consider When Moving Houses

What costs you need to consider when moving houses Whether you’re wanting to understand the cost of moving out of home for the first time or more generally, the average

8 tips to cut your electric bill

Electricity bills are something that we generally can’t avoid. If you’ve recently experienced ‘bill shock’ and are looking to reduce your electricity bill, or even just want some new ways

How To Ask For A Pay-rise

If you’re a worker, employee performance reviews provide you a chance to talk about your achievements and areas for improvement with your manager. It is also the best time to

Six Factors to Consider When Changing Careers

Do you watch the clock at work just to see the minutes tick by? Maybe you dread going to work, or you feel like you’re not making an impact. Whatever

Cheap Christmas Dinner Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner! Planning your dinner with family and friends is inevitable. Set aside the budget you’ll need and start creating your Christmas dinner menu as soon